Blockchain Identification Graph

Claim your personal data

The blockchain platform for consumers to own, verify and sell their data - and one of the first to register a security token.

As a consumer, you are a commodity that generated $130 billion in revenue last year - and none of it went to you.

The Blockchain Identification Graph (BIG) gives power back to consumers.


Earn BIGtokens when you sign up for BIG and share your data.


Decide which pieces of your personal data are for sale and who can buy them.


Verify your data and know exactly who is purchasing your data.


BIG is a comprehensive solution to current challenges in the consumer data ecosystem.

Corporations face numerous challenges

  • Centralized and closed ecosystems
  • Unverified users & ad fraud
  • Ad blockers
  • Innacurate and incomplete data

Consumers face numerous challenges

  • Lack of choice
  • Privacy concerns
  • Lack of transparency
  • Absence of compensation

BIG Platform

  • Full consumer choice
  • Authenticated & verified data
  • Transparency for everyone
  • Rewards for consumers
  • A sustainable ecosystem